Town Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for cash managing for the Town:

  • Maintains custody of all municipal funds and possesses responsibility for the deposit, investment, and disbursement of these monies.
  • Administers the municipality’s resources to ensure the availability of adequate liquid assets to pay obligations as they become due.
  • Plays a principal role in municipal borrowing, manages tax title accounts and superintends tax foreclosure proceedings.
  • Responsibilities include payroll deductions, employee benefits and overseeing payroll.
  • Acts as liaison between retirees and Hampden County Retirement. 

Brown Legal is our Tax Title Attorney

Please contact them directly if your property has gone into Tax Title and you need a payoff figure.

(p) 617-463-9133



The Zekos Group is our Auctioneer

Please contact them directly if you are interested in buying houses that have been listed for auction by the town.

(p) 508-842-9000



Active Employees and Non-Medicare Retirees

Open Enrollment resources and forms below: