Council On Aging

Mission Statement
The mission of the Palmer COA/Senior Center is to identify the total needs of the senior population, to promote and encourage new and existing activities, to provide services and education to enhance the quality of life for elders and to assist elders to age with dignity and independence.

Board Members
Cathy Plouffe, Chair Person  
Sandy Gilman, Vice Chair  
Chris Pascale  
Lisa Contrino  
 Mary Fife  
 Bonnie Arooth                Victoria Randolph  


Wallet Inventory Program
Having your wallet lost or stolen can be a traumatic event with possible serious financial and security consequences. Having an inventory of all your documents so you can quickly notify people of your loss is very helpful.

Wallet Inventory Form


DO NOT keep this form in your wallet, purse or in an easily accessible location in your home. We suggest keeping this form in a safe or lock box.