Water Pollution Process Description

Treatment Units; Mechanical Bar Rack (1), Aerated Grit Chamber (1), grit Blowers (2), Manual Bar Screens (2), Internal Screw-lift pumps (3), Circular Primary Clarifiers and pumps (2), primary scum pumps (2), fine bubble aeration tanks (2), course bubble aeration tanks (2), Positive Displacement Blower on VFD, D.O. Controlled (1), Centrifugal blowers (back-up) (2), circular secondary clarifiers (2), return activated sludge pumps (3), waste activated sludge pumps (2), secondary scum pumps (2), circular tertiary clarifier(1), tertiary waste pumps(2), rectangular chlorine contact tanks(2),gravity thickener(2), scum concentrator(1), plant water pumps(2), two-meter Ashbrook Belt Filter Press(1), emergency generator(1)

Chemicals: Chlorine/ 1-ton cylinders (2,500 lbs. Max), sulfur dioxide dechlorination system, 5,500 gal poly- aluminum chloride tank, 2,500 gal sodium hydroxide tank, 1,500 gal. VX-456 tank.

Sludge Treatment / Disposal: Primary and waste activated sludge are blended together in the gravity thickener. Thickened sludge (2%-4%) is then pumped to belt filter press and dewatered to 16%-20% solids. Synagro then trucks the sludge for disposal.

Upgrades: Sewer separation project was completed in 2012. New variable frequency drives have been installed to lower electric costs. Mechanical bar rack was refurbished in 2005. New pumps and muffin monsters are being installed in 4 of the pumping stations in 2006. New oil burner at the main plant will be installed in the summer of 2006.Old paper chart recorders are being replaced with new 12 channel recorder. A new stand-by generator was installed at pumping station # 2 in 2012 and a new main plant generator was installed in 2013

New Dissolved Oxygen analyzers have been installed to insure better measuring of oxygen in the aeration tanks. The Town has an combination sewer jetter / vacuum truck to be pro-active on our sewer maintenance program.
Ph probes and analyzers have been installed into the four major pumping stations to alert the main plant of any illegal dumping into the town’s sewer system.

Staffing:  Five operators with a minimum Mass. Grade Five Wastewater License, one maintenance supervisor, two maintenance technicians, one pump station coordinator, one jetter/vactor driver and one secretary/ clerk.