Service Installation Rules


The applicant and/or an approved agent or contractor of the applicant must adhere to and be responsible for all provisions and requirements listed below:
  1. Apply to the Department for permission for a domestic service connection at least five working days prior to actual service connection excavation.
  2. Provide, prior to any excavation on public property, a permit from the Town of Palmer for Street Cut/Excavation and adhere to any provisions of such permit.
  3. Provide DIG SAFE with notice of excavation so that they might locate and mark conduits, pipes or tubing in the general area of construction as described in the General Laws of Mass. Chapter 82, Section 40.  DIG SAFE  Tel#:  1-800-322-4844.
  4. Provide as requested any plans or measurements of proposed connection or any other pertinent information related to such. 
  5. Agree to pay the Service Connection Entry Fee as listed on the Water Department's Schedule of Fees, Rates and Charges.
  6. Abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Three Rivers Water Department.
  7. Furnish all labor, equipment, tools and materials required to install all connections and appurtenances, complete and in place, to the place of consumption according to all provisions listed or those prescribed by the Superintendent including but not limited to trench excavation, tapping the main, shoring, dewatering, backfilling, compaction, pressure test, corporation, service pipes, curb stops and boxes, meter valves and miscellaneous fittings.  Any labor, materials or equipment supplied by the Department other than for inspection and/or supervision expressly requested by the applicant or     his agent/contractor shall be charged according to the Department's Schedule of Fees, Rates and Charges.
  8. Conform to minimum construction specifications for materials and workmanship established by the Water Department.
  9. Notify the Superintendent prior to any backfill of any pipe, connection or fixture to inspect for conformity to all specifications.
  10. Notify the Town of Palmer Police Department within two days of excavation in the public way and, as directed, provide adequate motor vehicle and pedestrian warnings, detours, signs, flagmen, or police so as to maintain safe passage at all times for public and emergency travel.
  11. Restore existing public structures such as curbings, culverts, sidewalks, paving, treebelts, walls, fences, pipes or guard rails to a condition that is acceptable to the Town of Palmer DPW.
  12. Maintain at least a 10' horizontal distance from the water service line to any sewer, oil or gas line except where such water service line shall cross perpendicular to a sewer, oil or gas line preferably above and shall be separated with a minimum of 18" of compacted impervious soil.
  13. Maintain at least a 30’ horizontal distance from the water service line to any sewer or septic system leachfield.
  14. Lay the service line at a minimum of 5'-0" below finished ground level throughout its length and perpendicular from the main to the property line.  The water service line on private property shall be laid to avoid present and future retaining walls, driveways, porches, etc.  
  15. Conform to minimum plumbing codes of the State of Massachusetts and the Town of  Palmer for all piping and plumbing supplied with water from the service connection.
  16. Separate the service line from any fire protection line or fixture so that each may be independently controlled by the Department without affecting the water supply of the other.
  17. Protect and so locate the meter and fittings so as to provide protection from freezing or any other damage and easy access for maintenance by the Department.
  18. Allow the Department to determine the size, type and location of the meter to be installed and allow the Department to own and maintain such meter.
  19. Install an approved back-flow preventer at the expense of the applicant if in the opinion of the Department of Environmental Protection or this Department a potential hazard exists with respect to potable water contamination from back-flow or back-siphonage according to the Drinking Water Regulations of Massachusetts, Section 22.
  20. Allow no primary electrical grounding or electric devices to be attached to service lines.
  21. Allow no person other than those designated by the Department to operate any valve or control device or tap or cut into the existing distribution system without the express approval of the Superintendent and unless the Superintendent or his representative is present.
  22. Conform to any additional requirements set forth in the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Water Commissioners of the Three Rivers Fire District and any additional provisions, requests or changes deemed necessary or prudent by the Department.
  23. Agrees that non-compliance of any of these provisions will result in a refusal or permission to enter the distribution system or if such service already exists then termination of water service at corporation or curbstop to the place of consumption.

All materials furnished and installed are to be new top quality red brass or copper:

Corporation Stop - Designed and manufactured in accordance with AWWA Standard C800-66 with taper CC thread and compression outlet.

Lateral Service Pipe - American manufacture, new soft, flexible Type K copper tubing conforming to AWWA Standard C800-55.  Sizes 3/4" 1" 1-1/2" or 2".  CTS

Consumer’s supply line - American manufacture, new soft, flexible Type K copper tubing conforming to AWWA Standard C800-55.  Sizes 3/4" 1" 1-1/2" or 2" or  CTS polyethylene tubing rated at 200psi is allowed with special approval by the Superintendent.

Fittings - AWWA Standard red brass with IPS thread and/or compression connection as manufactured by the Ford Meter Company or the Mueller Brass Company.

Curbstop - Full port, easy turning non-draining ball valve with a tee head.  The ball shall be stainless steel - teflon coated with o-ring seats as manufactured by the Ford Meter Company or the Mueller Brass Company.

House Service Curb Box - Standard 1” Erie style having an extra heavy cover with brass pentagon plug and 36” rod.   4-1/2’ to 5-1/2’ bury.  For ¾” and 1” curbstops only.

Commercial Service Curb Box - Standard 4” Buffalo sliding style having a brass pentagon cover nut with proper footpiece for curbstop valve  4-1/2’ to 5-1/2’ bury.  For 1-1/4” to 2” curbstops.

Meter Valve - Lever type red brass female by female ball valve with stainless steel ball and o-rings restricted to Ford, Watts or Apollo manufacture.

Meter - Supplied and installed by the Three Rivers Water Department including remote reader.