Public Records

In accordance with the Massachusetts Public Records Law, the following individuals have been appointed as Records Access Officers. Please use the link for the Public Records Request Form to request a public record. If you wish to request a public record from the Police Department, please scroll down to their unique link.
Chief Municipal Records Access Officer
Susan Coache,Town Clerk
4417 Main Street
Palmer, MA 01069
Town Manager/Town Council RAO
Marlene Ottomaniello, Executive Assistant, 413-283-2603,
Accountant RAO
Gabriela Potter, Town Accountant, 413-283-2602,
Tax Collector RAO
Carolyn Baldyga, Tax Collector, 413-283-2601,
Treasurer RAO
Linda St. Onge, Treasurer, 413-283-2694,
Assessor RAO
Rachael Carney, Principal Assessor, 413-283-2607,
Conservation RAO
Heidi Mannarino, Conservation Agent, 413-283-2611,
Board of Health RAO
Nicole Gauthier, Health Agent, 413-283-2606,
Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement RAO
Bonnie Weeks, Building Inspector, 413-283-2638,
Community Development RAO
John Latour, Community Development Director, 413-283-2614,
Planning & Economic Development/Planning Board
Linda Leduc, Planning & Economic Development Director, 413-283-2605,
Veteran's Agent RAO
Tina Brohman, Veteran's Agent, 413-283-2610,
Public Works/WWTP RAO
Matthew Morse, DPW Director, 413-283-2615,
Palmer Public Library RAO
Stephanie Mahar, Library Director, 413-283-3330,
Police Department RAO 
Christopher Burns, Chief of Police, 413-283-8792,

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