Parks Maintenance Division

Park maintenance operations are an integral part of making the Town of Palmer a safe and healthy place to both live and visit. Our Parks Maintenance Division operates as a division of Palmers’ Department of Public Works. Parks operations run twelve months out of the year and include the upkeep and maintenance of parks, public schools, cemeteries, green spaces, and Town owned properties.
In spring and summer months the focus is on grass cutting, trash removal, ball field preparation, park improvements, and special events.
In the fall and winter, the focus turns to leaf removal in all our parks and cemeteries as well as all the hard surfaces such as basketball/tennis courts, and parking lots. Snow and ice removal is also our top priority during these months. Park operations clears snow and ice from Palmer Public Schools, parks, town owned parking Lots, sidewalks, and Town Hall. Parks Maintenance also participates in road snowplowing operations.
Parks employees are responsible to maintain the 4 Town owned cemeteries, Oak Knoll, Four Corners, Palmer Center, and Three Rivers/Thorndike Cemetery. In addition, our Parks Division is responsible to maintain the following Parks:

-      Eager Park
-      Legion Field
-      Depot Park
-      Senior Center
-      Converse Middle School
-      Book Memorial at Converse
-      Chase Memorial Park
-      Burleigh Park
-      Water St. Field
-      Palmer Center Greenspace (Rt32/Flynt St.)
-      Cannon Memorial Park

Three Rivers:
-      Nick Laviolette Field
-      Hryniewicz Park/ Three Rivers Common

-      Town Hall/Police Department
-      Thorndike Diamond Playground
-      Thorndike Common at the Junction
-      Palmer High School
-      Old Mill Pond School



-      Bondsville Grammar Park
-      Endelson Playground/Splash Pad


Dave Handzel, Parks Maintenance Foreman
(413) 283-2667   7a-3:30p, M-F


Matthew Morse, Director of Public Works
(413) 283-2615   7a-3:30p, M-F