News and Updates

The next and final round of paving for 2023 is scheduled for Tuesday 6/20/23-06/27/23. The following roads are scheduled for a full depth reclamation along with a 2 ½ inch modified top course. Traffic may be limited at times, but detail officers will on site for assistance. We will do our best to keep a lane open at all times, If any issues arise, please speak with the on-site foreman, or call the DPW office at 413-283-2615. Thanks!



Advance St.

Prospect St.

Portion of Forest St.




Beech St. Paving has been completed.

Resurfacing of Three Rivers Rd, Circle Drv. Juniper Drv. and Laurel Rd. is scheduled for 5/22/23- 6/5/23.



Our first paving project for 2023 is scheduled with Palmer Paving on 5/1 & 5/2. Attached is a map outlining our area of work. Our digital signs will be relocated to this area on Monday 4/24, giving the residents a full 7-day advanced notification. Residents will see the DPW doing some site work in this area over the next few weeks, site preparation will include saw cutting driveways, and adjusting structures. During the paving process, access to houses should remain open, if an issue comes up, please talk with the onsite foreman, or call the DPW office. Thank you.

The Compost/Yard Waste Facility will be open starting 4/1/23

Burleigh Park Traffic Access Gate will be opened for the summer starting 4/1/23
Check back for updates on paving projects and other DPW operations that may affect you!