Land Management Committee


The first powers given to Conservation Commissions in the Conservation Commission Act (MGL Chapter 40 § 8C) focused on "promotion and development of natural resources...and protection of watershed resources." Under these powers Commissions undertake planning, acquiring and managing open space, and encouraging and monitoring conservation and agricultural preservation restrictions. 

In an effort to better manage over 800 acres of Conservation Land, the Palmer Conservation Commission has established the Land Management Committee to carry out a dedicated program of land management throughout its protected areas.  

The Land Management Committee will be a standing committee of the Commission and will carry out a dedicated program of land management including the relevant recommendations in the Palmer 2014 Open Space and Recreation Plan.  The Committee will also increase the focus, effort and resources dedicated to Palmer’s conservation lands. 

The Committee will have up to seven members with two-year overlapping terms and will be appointed solely by the Conservation Commission.  Present members of the Land Management Committee are  David Cotter, Peter Izyk, Lisl Donaldson, Howie Fife & Sheri Jyringi.  Additional members are being sought.

The purpose of the committee will be to manage Conservation land by protecting, maintaining, and enhancing conservation interests.

Their guiding principles will be to:

  1. Organize, coordinate and conduct land maintenance and management activities in order to balance competing interests (e.g., conservation and wildlife vs. passive recreation)
  2. Foster communication with town committees and other organizations with related interests.

The Land Management Committee will operate under the direction of the Conservation Commission and will communicate with them frequently on matters of work plans, priorities, funding, volunteers and maintenance.

The Land Management Committee will prepare an annual plan for the Commission and assist the Commission in developing funding sources, as needed, for maintenance or desired improvements to conservation lands.

The Land Management Committee will seek volunteers to work with the Conservation Commission and help protect Palmer’s conservation lands for future generations.

Anyone interested in being a member of the Land Management Committee or a volunteer with the committee is welcome to contact: Angela Panaccione, Conservation Agent, 413-283-2687 or


Assist the Conservation Commission with the management of Town of Palmer Conservation Lands and other town-owned land managed by the Conservation Commission at the request of the Palmer Town Council.


  • Prepare management plans for conservation areas and other land managed by the Conservation Commission. Draft management plans require public review and approval by Conservation Commission.
  • Implement management plans. Activities include, but are not limited to: trail construction and maintenance; habitat protection and enhancement; erosion control, invasive species control; installation of signs, trails,  and boundary markers; natural history studies; forest management (including fuelwood cuts); clean-ups; and periodic inspections.
  • Prepare trail maps, guide books, and material for the Town of Palmer web site to foster public use and enjoyment of managed lands.
  • Educate the public regarding Town of Palmer Conservation Land – Rules & Regulations.
  • Report issues and problems to the appropriate Town officials.
  • Co-Sponsor nature walks and other public education events.
  • Hold regular (at least monthly) posted public meetings.
  • Maintain meeting minutes and submit minutes to the Town Clerk and the Conservation Commission.
  • Prepare a yearly report summarizing committee activities for inclusion in the Annual Town Report.
  • Maintain a web-page on the town web-site