Water Pollution Control Facility

The Town of Palmer Wastewater Treatment Facility is located on the banks of the Ware River and discharges the treated effluent into the Chicopee River between the old Tambrands building and F & D Tool Company in the village of Three Rivers. The Palmer Wastewater Facility is responsible for improving water quality to a Class B status that promotes recreational use of the Chicopee River. Not only does the river support a healthy aquatic population, a direct result of higher dissolved oxygen levels, several species of birds have been observed by plant personnel including numerous Bald Eagle sightings around the plant.

Over the last 12 years the Town of Palmer has eliminating 26 combined sewer overflows (CSOs).   Plant influent flows are now less affected by wet weather or heavy rainfall resulting in more stable plant operations.

Startup: 1979

Service Population: 18,000

Flow: Design 5.6 mgd; Daily Average: 1.6 mgd, 12 month avg.

Type: Conventional activated Sludge

Facility Grading: 6

Sewer System: 58 miles, 10 Pump Stations, 50 Grinder Pumps