Open Space and Recreation Plan Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

 The mission of the Town of Palmer Open Space and Recreation Committee is to preserve, maintain and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Palmer by developing and maintaining an open space plan. The plan will identify and recommend open space acquisitions and identify other creative strategies to preserve open space based on public input and in consideration of Town government policies and action and the Town's Master Plan.

What We Do

 Palmer's Open Space and Recreation Committee work to acquire and preserve land and ecosystems within Palmer. These areas provide a healthy environment for wildlife and plants and areas for passive or active recreational use by the public. Areas of high natural, scenic and/or recreational value are priorities for the Committee. In order to assure the protection of valued land, we assist in the creation of trails for passive recreation, community gardens, playing fields, beaches and playgrounds.

 Public education is an important part of our mission, which involves providing informational signage at several open space properties, outdoor educational activities and land use and protection workshops. The Committee also provides opportunities for the public to appreciate and enjoy Palmer's preserved natural areas, parks, playgrounds and fields, gardens, water resources, wetlands and beaches.

Advisory Committee Members

 Angela Panaccione
Conservation Agent 
 Linda Leduc
 Town Planner
 Michael Marciniec
 Chair of Planning Board
Alice Davey
 Community Development Director
 David Cotter
 Trail Committee
 Bonnie Weeks
 Building Inspector/ADA Coordinator
 Donald Blais, Jr
 Town Councilor
 Jim Ostrout
 Recreation Director
 Tharyn Nein-Large
 Conservation Commission
 Sean O'Donnell
Conservation Commission