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Town of Palmer, Massachusetts
The Town of Seven Railroads

Town Manager's Goals

Town Manager Goals as accepted by the Town Council on March 13th for 2017:

  • Town Manager will work with the Financial Team to ensure that year end closing and reconciliations are done in a timely manner and that the Balance Sheet and Schedule A are submitted by DOR deadlines.
  • Town Manager will implement Auditor’s Management Letter recommendations in conjunction with the Finance Director and other Department Managers.
  • The Town Manager should utilize all sources of media including newspapers, the town website, and social media to increase positive communication with residents.  Every effort should be made to highlight the town in a positive way in order to improve the reputation of the town.  Town website and FB page should include polls, surveys, and announcements when new businesses open in town.
  • The Town Manager will work with business owners, community organizations and residents to ensure a positive working relationship and easy and open access to town government.  Attend and participate in open Town Meetings for residents. Creation of an open forum with the Town Manager and business owners; provide feedback to Town Council.
  • The Town Manager will maintain and publish a complete list of reported blighted properties including statuses.
  • Town Manager will take steps to actively encourage new retail business opportunities in the downtown areas. Include actions taken in each monthly Manager’s Report
  • Develop a plan with cost estimates for upgrades/improvements to Chase Park.
  • Develop with the DPW Director and Grounds Division to develop a plan with cost estimates for improvements to all town fields including the potential of the temporary closure of fields to make the improvements.
  • Oversee the Town Hall Renovation project to make sure it is completed on time and within budget.
  • Work with the Town Council on developing a plan for the re-use of Converse Middle School 
  • Work with the school department to coordinate a project to replace the rest of the carpet at the Old Mill Pond School this year.
  • Work with Chief of Police to investigate the cost and feasibility for the use of dash and body cameras.
  • Town Manager will schedule formal monthly meetings with Department Heads.
  • Town Manager will investigate the potential use of paperless delivery of mailings (excise tax, property tax, census, etc.) and completion of forms/applications electronically.  Even a voluntary election to opt-in to electronic delivery could save the town money.
  • Zoning code violations need to address illegal signs on businesses, as well as signs put up throughout town.  Additionally, if site plan does not allow for items to be outside of stores then businesses should be notified.  Site plan also should discuss the number of signs the business can have on the outside of the building.  Again, if not in compliance businesses should be notified.
  • Assist and support the Finance Director and the School Business Manager in working with MUNIS and an outside Consultant to develop a new Chart of Accounts as soon as practical.
  • Work with the Finance Director and the School Business Manager to execute a formal plan on merging the School Department’s purchasing system into the Town’s current accounting/purchasing practices once the transition to a new Chart of Accounts is completed.


Goal carry-over:

  • As a follow up to the 1st goal last year, we would like to see a program implemented with all staff to encourage suggestions to reduce expenses or streamline operations. 
  • Improvements for Burleigh Park should be carried over; Town Manager will work with Recreation Director to establish a more affordable solution for improvements.
  • Maintenance/beautification of town land should be carried over.
  • Separation of Treasurer/ Collector position still not fully implemented.
Continue to monitor health insurance benefits and identify ways to control costs.  Investigate with the town attorney if the town can have two tiers of retirees – currently retired and new retirees for determining % amounts paid by the Town vs Retiree

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