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Town of Palmer, Massachusetts
The Town of Seven Railroads

Conservation Land Trail Maps & Other Information

Meeting DateArticleRoad
11/13/9522Section of St. John Street from 100 ft. southerly of intersection and Rondeau Road to Bacon Road
11/13/9521Tavern Road from intersection of Browns Road to Bacon Road.
11/18/9516Rondeau Road easterly side of house located on the Camilleri’s land and continuing north-easterly to the westerly boundary formally owned by R.J. Fijol.
06/10/9621Brown Road from Rondeau Road, northerly to the Ware/Palmer Town line
06/10/9622Mountain Road from Rondeau Road,to the southerly boundary of property of the Comm. Of MA.
08/17/05Approved by Town CouncilMcMaster Road beginning on the south side of Old Warren Road extending for approx. 1.5 miles southeasterly to Route 67


Meeting DateArticleBookPageName of PropertyDescription/Location
3/26/9097274527Pendrak PropertyLot # 31 Tavern Road - 46 Acres
  5251189Hampshire Co.2.487 acres-Ware, Ma.
3/26/9097274527Pendrak PropertyBrown’s Road, 150 acres, 90 on west side of road and 60 on east side of road
3/26/90111750562Midura Area91 acres of McMasters Road
    Old McMaster’s Roadformerly Provencal
3/26/9010177545Herbert Barnes/Zajac3 acres land situated in the north/east section of Palmer and borders the Ware line, known as the Barnes property.
11/8/93202779191Kress & ConnollyWhiskey Road north easterly part of Palmer on the W. Warren-
  3443429 Ware Highway, about 20 acres.  Note:  Right of Redemption may still be in force.
11/18/9617 & 189754255Right of Way, DavidOld Quarry Road
1/18/96199954540J & Maxine SasurA tract of land on the southerly side of Sylvia & Barker St., T.R.
     Former Boston & Albany Railroad, 8 acres.
     Abuts Comm. Of MA. Red Bridge Park
10/20/9759830316Stella MisiaszekAll property on the southerly
   317Edward & Janice MiduraSide of Warren St. - 38 acres
03/25/9167704261Murray Buck28 acres abuts the north side of the former Pendrak parcel & also
     Borders on the west side of Brown’s Road.
04/14/89101764481Ryan Property24 acres on Bacon Road, both sides
  167976, 77  
11/89 8232473John & Beatrice Mullen - Trustees of Nellum Realty Trust½ acre formerly belonging to William Roman near the Keith Farm, so called, containing former Thorndike Water Dist. cistern, to the left of Palmer H.S. in back, next to swamp
06/05/98 1060576Lyle & Elizabeth HislopNortherly direction between Ware River and Mass Central Railroad - 9 acres
  1165015Cascades, Inc. - ThorndikeAlong the Ware River, south side of Main Street, Thorndike
10/26/92188340412McCloskey/former Rondeau Farm - Olney Road areaAlong Olney Road - from development to former Mountain Road - 2 acres, both sides.  Land along one side of former Mountain Road, 25 feet deep.
     North of Warren Road
1/3/07TC Vote34563, 64Dauphinais & Son, Inc.58 acres adjacent to Midura Conservation Area located on McMaster Road, granted rights of way over McMaster Rd.

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Attached Document or FileSwift River Greenbelt Trail Map  
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